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I love to gamble. Today, I bet on the internet with bitcoin.

I bet with a few other crypto’s as well. Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and more. From bitcoins to the proverbial shitcoins, I bet on them and with them.

I buy them and hold. I buy them and trade. And I buy them to bet online with at my favorite online casinos and bookies.

The Problem Crypto Coins Solved With Online Gambling – Made Deposits and Withdrawals Easy and Cheap Again

I’ve been in the online gambling industry since 2003 and seen the changes first hand that have happened with regards to processing money.

It became cost prohibitive to accept clients from many jurisdictions (the USA especially) because it was so expensive to get money from them into their bank account using a credit card. And it was even more expensive getting money back to them in a fast manner when they withdrew.

Humans will bet on virtually anything. From cavemen betting that he can hit a rabbit with a stone, to degenerates like me who bet on which team wins the coin
flip in the Superbowl. We have something built in us, and that need is going to be met.

Bitcoin arose as the solution and it was awesome.

The online gambling sites that took bitcoin could much easier and cheaper take deposits again, even if the player pool had shrunk. Not nearly as many people have a bitcoin wallet as do have a Visa or Mastercard.

However, bitcoin and alt coins are becoming more mainstream every day.

The largest USA bitcoin exchange, Coinbase showed that in late 2017 they were getting 100k new users in a week!

A quick warning on Scam Bitcoin Casinos – BE AWARE

With crypto making it easier to gamble online, it opened up the doors to the scammers.

Scammers flock to online gambling because there is a lot of money and honestly not a whole lot law enforcement can or will do.

So, the problem is avoiding the scams, frauds, cheats and hackers.

The Solution – IBetCoins.com Short List of Reputable Crypto Casinos

The good news for you, dear reader, is that I have done the legwork for you.

My name is Jason and I’ve been doing this since 2003. Yes, 2003. I’m a dude who knows his shit when it comes to online gambling.

I pledge to help you find the legit bitcoin sportsbooks and casinos that accept crypto currencies like bitcoin.

I’ll help you find the right kind of site to gamble safely online. If you are going to lose, at least give yourself a legitimate shot to win, right?

I’ve also been involved with crypto like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and hundreds more.

This website brings the two together to help you avoid the scams and give your action to the legit bookies who happen to use bitcoin or another digital currency.

Bitcoin Gambling Sites -Who are the Legit, Honest & Reputable Casinos?

Today’s Best BTC Sportsbooks

Place your online bets at the following sportsbooks with confidence that when you win you will get paid.

  • Bovada – deposit and withdraw in bitcoin. Gamble with USD on their site.
  • Cloudbet – this is my highest rated bitcoin only online casino. Deposit, gamble and withdraw only in bitcoin
  • BetOnline – Excellent reputation, easy deposits and withdrawals and live in game betting.
  • 5Dimes – reduced juice option available for regular bettors.
  • Bookmaker – probably the most respected online bookie overall.
  • NitrogenSports – fantastic btc only sports betting site with super low vig.

We recommend choosing an existing reputable sportsbook that has added BTC as a banking option. Many of the newer BTC only sports books have failed and or turned into scams. It is the rare exception (nitrogen listed above) that survives the long term with reputation intact.

Top Casinos

  • Bovada – arguably the best reputation of an online casino serving the US market.
  • Cloudbet – btc only with the latest and greatest online casino games
  • BetOnline – Their casino offers hundreds of slots, all the table games and live dealer options for the more popular table games.
  • IgnitionCasino – Get a $1k bonus here – One of our favorite management teams (bodog) added this brand and now offer BTC bank options.

The online casino market is shady enough as it is. When you add in the slew of btc only casinos who thought they could just purchase a ‘skin’ and watch the money roll in continues to amaze me. It is super important that you only play at one of the established and legit online casinos. Bitcoin or not.

Top Bitcoin Poker Sites

I can only recommend three BTC poker sites today in 2018. That one is our current leader in most categories, Betonline.

  1. Bovada Poker – bovada is back baby with their online poker room
  2. Ignition poker – same network as bovada, but a bigger poker bonus.
  3. BetOnline Poker – arguably one of the easiest to beat online poker sites left in the market today. Because of their focus on sports and casino the poker tables are sometimes populated with less than stellar poker players. And that’s putting it nicely.

Sports Betting With Bitcoin – Legit? Yes it Can Be

My quick advice is stick to a proven sportsbook that has added crypto. All of them have.

  • BetOnline – integrated casino and poker. Even has live dealers.
  • 5Dimes – reduced juice option available for regular bettors.
  • Bookmaker – probably the most respected online bookie overall.
  • NitrogenSports – fantastic btc only sports betting site.

I’m known as “Always Bets High” in the gambling world. I’ve been gambling online since 2003. I’ve been keeping up with the online gambling world via websites since that long as well.

I’m pretty much an online gambling expert with over a decade of experience.

I specialize in listing the legit, reputable and safest online sportsbooks, casinos and poker rooms that gamblers should know about before depositing their money.

Here’s the deal, There are a ton of shady bitcoin casinos out there. Hell there are a ton of shady casinos out there in general. Just look at the casinomeister forums. There are so many complaints and rogue behavior that the average user can not keep up.

My advice, stick to one of the proven sportsbooks listed here that have a history of honest payouts and player interaction. These books have added BTC as a deposit and payout option and not invented themselves just to accept BTC.

Many other fly by night BTC sportsbooks are designed to accept BTC and added a sportsbook as the afterthought. You want to make sure that you are betting at a trusted and legit sportsbook.

I highly recommend researching the sportsbooks listed here if you are about to bet with BTC.

Using bitcoin or not, if you are betting at a shady, ‘no-payout sportsbook’ then you are going to be in for a world of hurt when you plan to cash out.

The good news is, is that there are extremely reputable online bookmakers that now accept BTC. Use them, keep it simple.

There is an active and current bitcoin gambling community that outs the shady sites nearly as soon as they are launched. But there are so many damn posts that the average person can’t keep up. In addition, there have been some time tested bitcoin sports betting sites that have proven reputable. All this means is that there are legit BTC sportsbooks available, and we’ve listed the ones we like on this page.

Do you own due diligence and I think you will agree that the sites listed here are the best in the business.

Here are some warning signs to look out for:

  • You want a site that offers you a unique bitcoin deposit address. Not a site that gives you a generic bitcoin address with pin to make deposits. – Why? History has taught us that this type of setup is much, much more likely to end badly for depositors than a site with your own unique depositing address
  • No thread in the bitcoin forums on gambling – virtually any site worth betting at will be listed there
  • A website that looks like it was put together in days with cut and paste. Bitcoin is ripe for people who want to try and scam people. Most are easy to spot. If you are not sure, do your research and search for the brand name and words like ‘review’ ‘scam’ and search the google results for reviews that look genuine. Hopefully you’ll find this site ranking there in the google results. What do you so, google?
  • A sportsbook that offers unreal bonuses. Sharp sports bettors can beat the books and especially when large, instant bonuses are offered. Make sure you read the terms and conditions because most sportsbook bonuses come with rollover requirements. My advice is to just avoid a sportsbook betting bonus with bitcoins, the real benefit is the super fast deposits and cashouts.

Why Sports Betting With Bitcoins Is Growing So Fast

The ease of deposits and withdrawals and account setup. At Bitbook you can sign up with a username, email account and password. You can deposit to your unique deposit address and the balance shows up in less than 10 minutes. Withdrawals are processed immediately.

Contrast this to a non bitcoin online sportsbook. You either have to know a local ‘guy’ who comes around to collect or payout or you have to wait for a paper check to be mailed to you. It’s days or weeks compared to moments.

Plus, there are incredible odds available. Just compare the odds at a leading bitcoin sportsbook like BitBook to your current bookies lines. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with how good the odds are at some of the bitcoin sports books.

Bitcoin Sportsbook Reviews

My reviews are coming. In the mean time you can cut your research down to moments by looking at the short list of top sports betting sites that take bitcoin listed at the top of this page. Go visit the bitcoin forums and find the thread on the sportsbook. There is only 1 thread per brand there so you should be able to find it for whatever book you are researching. The problem is that each forum thread for each book is generally dozens of pages long. I’ve taken the time to read through the threads on the sportsbooks I’ve chosen to list here and found them to currently be in good standing with the community and offering bettors like yourself a quality choice.

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