You are probably already familiar with Bitcoins since you found your way to this site. However, if you were just looking for an easy and effective real money online casino to play at then perhaps you stumbled here and are just now learning about Bitcoins.

In a nutshell, Bit Coins are digital crypto-currency that are de-centralized and not backed by one power group, government or individual. Essentially, Bit coin is a new kind of money that is decentralized and electronic. It is not controlled by a single organization, government or shadowy elite.

You can easily buy and trade for BTC. Once you have BTC you can use these to buy poker chips on online poker sites that accept bitcoin, bitcoin casinos and other bitcoin gambling sites.

Here are some things to know about BTC

There are plenty of other quality Bitcoin resources as well.

There are other digital competitors to Bitcoins however BTC’s are the biggest and most established currently. The other contenders appear to be Lite coins. A friend described it to me as ‘Bitcoins are the gold coins and litecoins are the silver coins’.

Bitcoins Can Buy Anything

Virtually anything, that is. From the now infamous Silk Road led by the Dread Pirate Roberts and more where people buy drugs and guns using bitcoins to sites like which is a website building platform (the one that runs this blog right here, I may add), to Reddit, to OKCupid for some online dating and namecheap for domain purchases.

Gambling Is A Natural Market For BTC – People want to gamble. Governments make it hard to do so. Opportunity springs up to use BTC and that is what has happened in earnest. In 2013 and into 2014 the Bitcoin gambling market is going to grow. You can expect that once the big name casinos jump on board and start accepting bitcoin based transactions (if they are not too afraid of poking the bear) that the market is going to grow in knowledge and explode in popularity.

  • Deposit fast and easy with no hassles once you have Bitcoin
  • Cash out in minutes as opposed to weeks
  • Play, cash out, play somewhere else, cash out
  • Not illegal, not any more risky, not unlawful
  • USA players can play for real money again

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