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There are far fewer bitcoin poker sites than there are bitcoin casinos. The reason for this is because for an online poker room to be successful there needs to be a large enough player base playing poker to actually have any games at all. Poker is played player vs player, not player vs house like casino games. Contrast that to a bitcoin online casino that only needs one player to play at any time of day.

With that said, there are a small handful of early contenders to be the leading bitcoin poker site. The leader of the bunch is SealsWithClubs and you can usually find a game there to your liking most hours of the day. There is no where near the traffic of a site like PokerStars or even a smaller but way larger site, Bovada poker. Regardless, if you are looking for bitcoin poker then here is where you can play.

Best Online Poker Sites That Accept Bitcoin

  • Betonline – This long time poker site now accepts BTC for deposits. Your BTC is converted to $ and then back to BTC when you withdraw.
  • – Led by Bryan Micon and featuring the ugly but effective PokerMavens software, SealsWithClubs is the current leader of US bitcoin poker sites. All US players are allowed and no documents are required to create your account. Full SWC review coming soon.
  • SatoshiPoker – This up and coming online poker site is small but dedicated to growing their player base. Near instant deposits and withdrawals make this poker site one to keep an eye on as things progress
  • Infiniti Poker – Not launched yet but looks great so far
  • WinPoker – Research coming soon, no US players
  • SwitchPoker – No us players

Are They Legal? Legit?

The beauty of bitcoin gambling is that your deposits and withdrawals can be done much faster than the large online poker sites operating today. Especially those serving the US market. That means not having your money tied up in the poker site for who knows how long. This helps lead to their legitimacy. Now as to whether or not other players are colluding against you by talking on their cell phones to one another sharing cards there is no way to tell. Let’s not fool ourselves and think that this can never happen, however it is not unique to the world of bitcoin online poker. It’s rampant in any sort of online poker, bitcoin or not.

US Bitcoin Poker Sites

While this is in no way legal advice, it appears it is not illegal to play online poker for bitcoins. BTC’s are not even accepted as currency by the US federal government. Undoubtedly this is a gray area and as time passes more regulation will appear that help define this area more clearly. For now, playing online poker with bitcoin is by far the fastest way to cash in and cash out.

Fastest Cash-Outs Found At Bitcoin Poker Sites

After a few initial confirmations (tiny deposits that verify your bitcoin address) you are unleashed to make near instant deposits and withdrawals within hours. You get paid in hours instead of days or weeks. Deposit easy and play a session. Cash out at the end of the night and take your winnings out back to your bitcoin wallet.

It’s so freaking sweet.

It reminds me of the NETeller days of early online poker where you could cash in and out to your NETeller account in the same day. Bitcoin poker is even faster. That’s the beauty of playing at a poker site that accepts bitcoin, lightning fast withdrawals.

  • You do not have to keep a bankroll on a site.
  • You do not have to wait days, weeks or even months to get cashed out.
  • You do not have to worry if the poker site will pay you, since they are using bitcoins you will get paid quickly. Or worst case you will know you are not getting paid quickly and know something is up. If you play online poker at a non-legit poker site (just use an online poker room listed on this page and you will be good to go)

Online Bitcoin Poker Site Reviews

If you have browsed around this site much you will see that the reviews published are the read deal. I take my time and go over the site and give my opinion. You’ll get comprehensive reviews and my first hand experiences, thoughts and impressions. As I have the time to review and write new reviews they will be linked from this page for easy reference. We will cover the ease, speed and process of deposits and withdrawals. We will cover the interface, software and playing of poker at said btc poker site and we will cover the current basics of what we see as the size, traffic and feelings about the poker room.

In a nutshell, the reviews you see here are different. Real, my opinions and experiences so you can judge for yourself whether or not it is a place you feel comfortable risking your bitcoins at playing poker against others.

Poker Game Types

If and when sites start offering more and more types of bitcoin poker games we will add them to the list.

  • Texas Holdem
    • No-Limit
    • Fixed Limit
    • Pot Limit
  • Omaha
    • Omaha Hi/Lo aka Omaha 8 or better, usually pot limit format
    • Pot limit Omaha
    • Limit Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo
  • 7 Card Stud
  • Razz

Type Of Game

  • Heads-Up
  • 6-handed

Poker Tournaments

Which bitcoin poker sites have the best tournaments? That’s where we come in:

  • Sit-N-Goes
  • Multi-Table (MTT’s)
  • FreeRolls
  • Guarantees

Why Should You Play at a Bitcoin Poker Room?

The honest answer is because of the ease of depositing and withdrawing. Especially if you are in the USA, and not in one of the states that is finally legalizing and regulating online poker it is a royal pain in the ass to withdraw your money. Pain in the ass might be an overkill, but it is not instant and speedy. It requires picking up a physical check that is mailed to you and then cashing it at the bank or going to a Western Union or MoneyGram type of place and getting a cash payment.

Bitcoin poker is digital, lightning fast and easy. Even if you have not even heard of bitcoins before you can literally get set up with your own bitcoin wallet, buy bitcoins easily with your credit card and then play real money poker with your recently acquired bicoins. If you are new to BTC then we’ve put together a bitcoin basics page with a list of really good links to learn more about why you should consider betting coins like me.

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