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ibetcoins.com is my personal bitcoin gambling blog.  I imagine you are already familiar with bitcoins being on this website, but if you are not you can read plenty of tutorials on bitcoins or learning about the bitcoin basics.

I go by “Always Bets High”. I have dozens of small websites out there focused on helping people find the quality online casinos to gamble at. Legit, safe, honest and reputable online BTC casinos are what I’m about.

I’ve been in the online gambling world for going on two decades (I’m about a decade and a half in at the time of me writing this). I’ve helped tens of thousands of people find an online gambling destination that is safe, fair and offers an honest gaming experience.

I’ve watched countless “casinos” pop up over the last few years designed to let people wager BTC. The majority of them failed. People lost thousands and were scammed and cheated. It wasn’t just because of BTC either (but it did make it easier).

So – that’s why you’ll notice that first my lists of BTC gambling sites are extremely short.

I would rather work with a select few casinos and sportsbooks that are trustworthy than try to list everyone directory style.

My list is comprised mostly of long established online sports books and casinos that have added BTC to their deposit and withdrawal options instead of listing casinos that sprang up just to accept BTC. There is a difference. Stick to the reputable guys or you will be kicking yourself later.

Bitcoin Gambling – Came About Due To Necessity

The truth of the matter is that while governments keep trying to repress their population and control how they spend their money the population finds ways around. Gambling is a part of human nature and has been for thousands, it not tens of thousands of years. As long as humans exist on this planet you can be sure there is wagers of some form or fashion. BTC gambling has evolved because the government has clamped down on the easy, legal and legit online gambling sites that we could once easily and safely gamble on. I’m talking playing poker on a site like PokerStars, or gambling on blackjack at a legit casino like Bodog or betting on the Falcons to cover the spread at Bookmaker.

The government made it very difficult to wager on these sites. They went after the payment processors and the banks. They more or less left the individual players alone by not coming after them directly. They shut down the money processors. The result was that Americans couldn’t deposit easily or withdraw quickly. It did not surpress the desire to gamble. This desire led to other avenues and one of the most promising is BTC gambling.

What IBetCoins.com Brings For You

I’m doing the research and testing for you because I love to gamble and I’m into bitcoins. I’ve been in the online gambling industry since 2004. I mostly play poker although I love a gamble at the casino or a small bet on the game here or there. I will use my experiences to report back to you the reader where you can go safely and gamble with bitcoins and to a lesser extent, Litecoins.

Finding safe bitcoin gambling sites is my mission. I will personally gamble real bitcoins and litecoins at the casinos, sportsbooks and poker sites listed on this site to ensure our readers that not only can you easily deposit and withdraw your bitcoins but so I can give you a real review and information about the safe bitcoin betting sites online today.

I will be updating posts on the legit bitcoin poker sites, btc online casinos and any of the bitcoin sports betting sites that are quality.

I hope you enjoy the site and good luck out there.

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