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Getting My Chips StackedSo I have been slowly working on building out my new bitcoin gambling blog here at One thing I want to do with this site is to take my time and make sure that the content I publish is something that people will actually want to read, find useful and ultimately share with their circles, groups, followers and friends. I mean if you are looking for the most in-depth bc-casino review then why wouldn’t you share mine? It covers just about everything I could think of about gambling in their bitcoin casino.

So, I felt that the site needs some base foundation pages to get started. I decided to begin with the things I know the most about.

Now while the lists and links on these sites are guaranteed to grow and shrink over time as bitcoin gambling sites come and go, the site needs them so you can find out legit bitcoin poker sites from the scams.

Bitcoin Takes A Hit – Dread Pirate Roberts Arrested

Since the news broke this morning that DRP (Dread Pirate Roberts) was arrested the price of BTC has been dropping. The Silk Road has been shut down and arguably this, along with bitcoin gambling, made up the largest use of bitcoins to date. When you consider that hundreds of thousands of people used the Silk Road to buy and sell things using BTC (like drugs, mostly) and that it is currently shut down it will be just a matter of time before the next silk road opens.

While this does not directly affect this humble bitcoin gambling blog, it does affect the value of the bitcoin. I guess it is always wise to remember that you are not only gambling your bitcoins but you are gambling on the value of bit coins when you keep them instead of exchange them for cash. And of course then you are betting on the cash to maintain it’s value against inflation. Of course you could buy precious metals but you are betting on those to maintain their value against deflation or market manipulation.

It’s all really one big gamble anyway. We may as well have fun with it.

I hope you guys (or guy) are enjoying reading the site. I’m enjoying the process of getting set up to test out these sites for you and give my feedback.

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